Oil Free Variable Speed


The EnviroAire TVS two-stage variable speed compressor efficiently and reliably handles varying air demand, slowing down or speeding up to match a fluctuating air demand, delivering significant energy savings and a consistent air supply. The TVS offers a matched motor, direct drive and air-end ensuring that maximum reliability and the highest efficiency are delivered in any system. 150 HP – 420 HP.

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EnviroAire T 75kW-315kW & TVS110-315



The two-stage variable speed centrifugal Quantima provides unmatched efficiency due to its low level of energy consumption and it’s incredibly low off load power consumption. At 400 HP, the Quantima off-load power is 2.5% of full load power or 7.5 kW while comparable compressors have an off load power of 15 to 70% of their full load power. Because Quantima features an Oil Less design there is no oil used anywhere inside the machine which ensures there is Zero Risk of product contamination due to oil carryover. The Quantima meets ISO 8573-1 Class 0, the most stringent class. It is also certified Silicone Free which is critical for applications such as automotive and pharmaceutical. 200 HP-400 HP

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Quantima series