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Compressed air piping is responsible for the delivery of compressed air to the point of use. Its material, age and condition impact both system reliability and air quality. Compressed air piping made from iron will rust and corrode, creating buildup on the interior and reducing the functional diameter. This buildup results in pressure drop within the system, contribution to high levels of contamination and poor air quality. Our high quality aluminum piping is marine grade aluminum that affords it the highest level or protection against contamination. It eliminates the possibility of corrosion from entering the equipment and the expensive production downtime and dramatically reduces maintenance costs. Big-Lock and Quick-Lock Tubing ensures the lowest cost of ownership of any piping system available.


Big-Lock and Quick Lock from Gardner Denver has taken small diameter (1/2″ – 2.5″) and large diameter (2″ – 6″) piping systems to a whole new level.

Ten times lighter than steel, without compromising any structural strength, the system is easier to install than plastic and delivers a quality of air, gas or vacuum that is equal to that of the high cost welded stainless steel systems. With providing marine grade aluminum, it also incorporates the world’s most highly accepted grooved fitting design. All mechanical contractors will understand the technology and will be able to install a Big-Lock and Quick-Lock system. Big-Lock and Quick-Lock provides a simple solutions for a large air/gas/vacuum users and is, without a doubt, the easiest and fastest system to install. It has the lowest cost of ownership and the best quality of media delivery available.