Process Water Chillers

Process Water Chillers are designed to stand out from the crowd through their high quality components and extensive range of standard features. All units come standard with an antifreeze protection thermostat to prevent freezing of the heat exchanger. Integrated pressure switches protect the circuit against high or low pressure swings. Housings in galvanized steel and externally coated with epoxy resin protect against corrosion – even in aggressive surroundings. Process water chillers are ideally suited for central and decentralized cooling applications.


Industrial Process Chillers

Industrial Process Chillers are engineered with the highest quality in a liquid chiller for any process application. This closed loop chiller recirculates clean coolant at a constant temperature and pressure to increase the stability and productivity of all water-cooled machinery, compressors and instruments. The CH Series evaporators are designed with clean-out and fill–port valves to prevent coolant expansion and fouling.