Digital Scroll


Rugged digital scroll compression of the RSD Digital Scroll Refrigerated Dryer improves efficiency, durability and reliability and lowers decibel sound levels. Its simple reliable operation results from having only two parts, a fixed upper scroll and an orbiting lower scroll. Long-life scroll-set compression sealing surfaces are impregnated to wear-in and improve with time. Combined, the radial compliance and axial compliance excel at tolerating abnormal conditions like liquid slugs and solids. RSD models 3750-12500 are of a modular construction offering multiple design variations for flexible arrangement. Modules may be configured in 1250 and 2500 scfm increments precisely matching system air flow demand.

Other features include:

  • 99% effective moisture removal at all flow rates to preserve dew point stability.
  • Standard Grade B two-stage cold filtration ensures maximum water extraction under low flow conditions.
  • Stage one mechanically entraps solids >10 microns with dual stainless steel orifice tubes.  Stage two utilizes in-depth fiber media to coalesce water droplets and retain solid particles 3 microns and larger.