Oil Free Fixed Speed


ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified, the EnviroAire T series also offers improved efficiencies and are manufactured to meet the precise requirements of a diverse range of industries, especially suited to those critical applications where air purity is vital. Industries such as ‘food & beverages’, ‘pharmaceuticals’ and ‘electronics’ where even the smallest drop of oil risks product spoilage, production downtime and damage to equipment and brand reputation.

EnviroAire T 75kW-315kW & TVS110-315



The EnviroAire S products are fixed speed, single stage, 100% oil-less rotary scroll compressors from 3 – 10 HP (per pump). Scroll packages have been designed specifically for industrial, laboratory, and medical applications in a variety of configurations. The EnviroAire S Medical scroll systems meet current CSA Standards, are NFPA 99 Code compliant, and are offered in several designated flow designs.

  • 50/60 Hz
  • 3-10HP
  • 116 or 140 PSI
  • Base Mount, Tank Mount, Stacked Frame, or Bare Air End
  • Industrial, Laboratory, or Medical