Fixed Speed Lubricated


L-Series compressors are available in base mount or AirStation™ configurations. The plug and play AirStation™ configuration is an L-Series compressor mounted on a horizontal receiver tank with or without a refrigerated air dryer. Featuring standard high-end and optional components such as a three-way bypass valve, stainless steel piping, integrated fork lift slots and an automatic tank drain, the L-Series AirStation™ is the ideal solution for a compressed air system that requires minimal installation time and cost.

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L Series L04-L290



L-Series compressors from Gardner Denver feature more than just the latest compressor technology. They contain the cleanest, simplest, most intuitive machine layouts on the market. Equipped with standard TEFC main motors, wye-delta starters, Governor™ microprocessor controllers and quiet enclosures, an L-Series unit from Gardner Denver is the optimal solution when a feature-rich, simple to operate compressor is required.

The L-Series units set a new standard in serviceability. By utilizing integrated airend design techniques, Gardner Denver delivers unprecedented access to service and routine maintenance items. At the same time, the compact design eliminates unneeded connections and minimizes piping; reducing the opportunity for leaks. Couple these features with an intuitive touch screen controller with optional data logging and sequencing capabilities and you have a world class compressor package.

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L Series L90-L132

L Series L55-L75

L Series L30-L45

L Series L23-L29

L Series L07-L22 10-30 HP

L Series L04-L290

L Series L04-L05



The Electra-Saver & Electra-Saver II series have been the cornerstone for Gardner Denver for over 40 years.  Featuring large diameter air-ends, direct drive and premium efficiency motors they provide the most durable and efficient drive train money can buy.  The Electra-Saver offers the patented GD Turn Valve technology for greater energy savings under part load conditions.  When total costs – energy, maintenance, repair and purchase price – are considered, take a look at these compressors and you will agree the incremental purchase cost is easily justified by lower total cost of operating/ownership costs.

Electra Saver G2 Brochure

Electra Saver II G2 Brochure