Air Dryers & Filtration Products

Includes Refrigerated and Desiccated Air Dryers, Filters, Mist Eliminators, and Oil/Water Separators

Oil/Water Separator – CTS Eliminator II

Compressed air is compressed and discharged at elevated temperatures in a saturated state. As the air cools through aftercoolers, dryers, or pipelines, the water vapor condenses into a liquid form which then mixes with the normal oil carryover from the compressor. The condensate becomes contaminated by the oil and must be treated before expelling it into a sewer system or onto the ground. The oil must be separated from the condensate and only the condensate can be expelled. The oil must be reclaimed and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.  Designed as an effective and reliable means of treating lubricant-contaminated compressor condensate, the CTS Eliminator II separates oil for easy disposal.

Mist Eliminator – ME Series
The ME Series is the Auditor’s Choice to reduce energy costs and remove oil and water aerosols from compressed air systems. Mist eliminators protect products and processes from contamination and increase the life of pneumatic equipment. They also help eliminate paint appearance and adhesion problems. Mist eliminators offer extra protection, capturing and retaining large slugs of oil and water, should drain trap fail. They protect downstream equipment from contamination should the oil separator on a rotary screw compressor fail.

Air Filters – FIL Series

Filter Elements for all Grades of Filtration Compressed air systems continually challenge filtration with moisture, solid particulates, and liquid oil or oil vapors. FIL Series filter elements represent state-of-the-art filter designs which allow for custom filtration at every installation. High Pressure and High Temperature filters available.

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