Air Compressors

V Series

Hydrovane V Series offers tripod and tank mounted fixed speed rotary vane compressors from 2-10 HP, as well as custom solutions for a variety of difficult and rigorous applications. Rotary vane compressors are often applied in continuous duty requirements similarly to rotary screw compressors, but can also be used under conditions that would be detrimental to rotary screws such as dusty or corrosive environments and the extreme temperature swings of transit applications. The tank mounted units are available in a variety of configurations including simplex (one unit), duplex (two units), and horizontal or vertical tanks from 30-120 gallons. Hydrovane fixed speed rotary vane compressors are dependable and robust, and actually improve their energy efficiency over time. Hydrovane “wears in, not out.” With time, the vanes seat into the rotor stator; and as clearances tighten, power consumption decreases by up to 5%. The resulting improvement in specific power means reduced energy costs over the lifetime of the compressor.An industry leading Platinum 10 Year Warranty is available on all hydrovane standard products.

Typical Applications:

Co-ordinate measuring, dentistry, electronics, laboratories, laser cutting, machine tools, optical, packaging, spraying, printing, robotics and a multitude of OEM applications.

Specification Overview:

  • 4.5 to 28.9 cfm
  • 2 to 10 HP
  • 100 to 150 psig
  • Tripod or Tank Mounted
  • TEFC Standard Motors
  • Slow Speed: 1760 RPM
  • Direct Drive

LRS Series 10-330HP

CompAir LRS Series sets a new standard in its comprehensive range of variable speed oil-lubricated rotary screw compressors from 10 HP to 330

HP. The LRS Series Rotary Screw compressors employ an innovating variable speed inverter drive system that precisely matches power consumption with air demand, providing world-class energy efficiency. The LRS Rotary Screw premium efficiency airend has a high output compression element with slow rotational speed, which further reduces energy costs and increases reliability. Service components are conveniently grouped for reduced downtime and economical maintenance. A quiet enclosure and small footprint make the LRS Series a versatile variable speed rotary screw compressor line. Reliable, Quality, Value, Energy Efficient…. CompAir LRS Series.

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VS Series

The Gardner Denver VS Series variable speed screw compressors are designed to meet the high requirements which the modern work environment and machine operators place on them. As a result, our belt driven VS Series compressors are extremely energy efficient, quiet, reliable and easy to use, ensuring long operating life and delivery of optimal air quality. The basic VS Series compressors can be equipped with useful options to meet even the toughest demands for building up a flexible compressor station. The VS Series ranges from 25-40 HP.

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VS Series 20

VS Series 25-40

VS Series 45-70

VS Series 80-110

VS Series 135-170 kW

VS Series 200-250

VST Series

Gardner Denver VST Series: Designed from the ground up as a variable speed two stage system the VST is the most efficient product in the market. Optimum supply and demand side matching produces un-paralleled efficiencies across all loads. With models from 55 to 260kW Gardner Denver provides the most comprehensive product offering in a two-stage solution.

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VST 225-260

VST Series Family

VST 110-150-180

VST 55-75-90

L Series

The L-series reputation has been built on quality, reliability and accessibility to all components. Products include water-cooled two-stage bare compressors and single-stage and two-stage boosters. L-Series compressors include heavy duty cast iron construction, counterbalanced crankshaft to ensure smooth operation, water-cooled construction, which quickly dissipate the heat of compression. Superior lubrication is accomplished through a gear driven positive displacement oil pump powered by the crankshaft. L-series bares and boosters are ideal for petroleum refineries, oil rigs, plant air, ore mines, engine starting and well head servicing. 10 HP – 400 HP.

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L Series L30-L132

L Series L30-L32

L Series L23-L29

L Series L07-L22 10-30 HP

Electra Saver & Electra-Saver II

The Electra-Saver & Electra-Saver II series have been the cornerstone for Gardner Denver for over 40 years.  Featuring large diameter air-ends, direct drive and premium efficiency motors they provide the most durable and efficient drive train money can buy.  The Electra-Saver offers the patented GD Turn Valve technology for greater energy savings under part load conditions.  When total costs – energy, maintenance,repair and purchase price – are considered, take a look at these compressors and you will agree the incremental purchase cost is easily justified by lower total cost of operating/ownership costs.

L Series AirStation

The L Series product range goes from 5 to 400HP. L04-L22 (5-30HP)  are belt driven units, while the L23-L290 (30-400 HP) units are direct-gear drive. These fixed speed units come standard as air cooled with optional water cooling from 75 to 180 HP. All L Series compressors feature GD Pilot controllers, wye-delta starters, 3600 TEFC motors and quiet enclosures.

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L Series L04-L290


The Gardner Denver Apex: Simple, Proven Industrial Compressor within a Small Footprint. The Apex Series 10-30HP rotary screw compressors feature critical industrial grade components that give you more air using less power. With the Apex Series we focused on what workers in the field have been asking for and designed a product that meets their real-world needs. From the easy-to-use controller to the efficient airend, the Apex Series is a quiet, reliable investment in your organization’s future!

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Apex Series 5-15hp Family

Apex Series 25-30hp

EnviroAire VS

For sensitive applications in which oil contamination is extremely costly, EnviroAire water-injected rotary screw compressors are the true oil-free solution. Unlike many other “oil-free” compressors, EnviroAire packages contain absolutely no lubricating oil.

  • Established and proven single-stage compression element
  • Significantly fewer moving parts means fewer wear items
  • Simplified construction with no interstage or final air coolers
  • Lower speeds and balanced bearing loads extend the compression element service life
  • Dependable direct-drive system
  • Cooler operating temperatures reduce component wear
  • No oil or oil laden parts to dispose of, saving time and expense
  • 20 HP-150 HP

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EnviroAire Series 15kW – 110kW

EnviroAire TVS

The EnviroAire TVS two-stage variable speed compressor efficiently and reliably handles varying air demand, slowing down or speeding up to match a fluctuating air demand, delivering significant energy savings and a consistent air supply. The TVS offers a matched motor, direct drive and air-end ensuring that maximum reliability and the highest efficiency are delivered in any system. 150 HP – 420 HP.

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EnivroAire T-TVS 75kW-160kW


The two-stage variable speed centrifugal Quantima provides unmatched efficiency due to its low level of energy consumption and it’s incredibly low off load power consumption. At 400 HP, the Quantima off-load power is 2.5% of full load power or 7.5 kW while comparable compressors have an off load power of 15 to 70% of their full load power. Because Quantima features an Oil Less design there is no oil used anywhere inside the machine which ensures there is Zero Risk of product contamination due to oil carryover. The Quantima meets ISO 8573-1 Class 0, the most stringent class. It is also certified Silicone Free which is critical for applications such as automotive and pharmaceutical. 200 HP-400 HP

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Quantima series

EnviroAire T

ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified, the EnviroAire T series also offers improved efficiencies and are manufactured to meet the precise requirements of a diverse range of industries, especially suited to those critical applications where air purity is vital. Industries such as ‘food & beverages’, ‘pharmaceuticals’ and ‘electronics’ where even the smallest drop of oil risks product spoilage, production downtime and damage to equipment and brand reputation.

EnviroAire S-Series Scroll Compressor

The EnviroAire S products are fixed speed, single stage, 100% oil-less rotary scroll compressors from 3 – 10 HP (per pump). Scroll packages have been designed specifically for industrial, laboratory, and medical applications in a variety of configurations. The EnviroAire S Medical scroll systems meet current CSA Standards, are NFPA 99 Code compliant, and are offered in several designated flow designs.

  • 50/60 Hz
  • 3-10HP
  • 116 or 140 PSI
  • Base Mount, Tank Mount, Stacked Frame, or Bare Air End
  • Industrial, Laboratory, or Medical

Value Plus

The Value Plus Line of Air Compressors was engineered for industrial applications that require a gas or electric driven compressor. Each compressor was designed with top quality bearings, cast iron cylinders, and vibration free compressor pumps to ensure longevity of compressor package. With a low initial purchase price, this compressor is a fantastic value!

Specifications and Features

  • 3 – 15 hp
  • Up to 175 psig
  • 14 – 44.4 acfm at 175 psig & 10.2 acfm at 100 psig
  • Single & Two-Stage Splash Lubricated
  • Electric or Engine Driven
  • Horizontal or Vertical Configuration
  • 2-Year compressor pump warranty

R & PL Series

The PL-Series compressor has been designed to operate in extreme duty applications and is a pressure-lubricated alternative to the R-Series unit. Because the PL-Series can operate up to 250 psig in remote locations or in off-level operations, it is a true industrial use compressor. The PL-Series features domed pistons, integral cylinder head, disc valves and an oil pump that provides lubricant to all crucial parts of the compressor.

Specifications and Features

  • 3 – 35 hp
  • Up to 250 psig
  • 9.7 – 202 acfm at 175 psig on Electric Driven units
  • Tank or Base Mounted, Simplex, Duplex and Engine Driven Models
  • Two-Stage pressure lubricated pumps
  • Loadless auto stop/start
  • Pro-rated 5-year pump warranty and 1-year package warranty
  • Factory filled with AEON lubricant

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R&PL Series

RV Series

The Gardner Denver Reed Valve compressor is engineered to deliver industrial-rated dependability at an affordable price. The RV line offers maximum installation versatility. Each compressor features durable cast-iron construction, industrial grade filter and silencer and alloy steel reed valves.

Specifications and Features

  • 5 – 15 hp
  • Up to 175 psig
  • 16.5 – 49 acfm at 175 psig rating
  • Tank Mounted, Vertical or Horizontal Configuration
  • Two-Stage, Splash Lubricated Compressor Pump
  • Automatic Start/Stop Operation
  • Factory filled with AEON AC lubricant

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RV Series

Reward Series

The Reward Series is a fully packaged unit with all of the additional accessories you would need are included. Each new assembled unit has a five-year, pro-rated warranty on the compressor pump.

  • 5 – 25 hp
  • Maximum Pressure Up to 175 psig
  • 16.5 – 90.1 acfm at 175 psig
  • Two Stage, Splash Lubricated
  • Tank Mounted, Simplex and Duplex Models
  • Vertical or Horizontal Configurations
  • Package comes standard with up to six pre-installed options
  • Factory filled with AEON lubricant

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Reward Series Brochure

Climate Control

The Gardner Denver line of specially-designed climate control compressors represents years of intensive industrial research and testing. We’ve listened to the needs of the end user, and seen the short-comings of our competitors. The result is a line of machines suitable to critical industry demands for value and lasting performance. Features include low operating RPM for longer component life, lower operating temperatures, greater energy efficiency, inlet filter silencers and side-sealer piston rings (on selected models) for lower oil carry over.

Specifications and Features

  • ½ -25 hp
  • 2.2 – 102.5 acfm at 80 psig
  • Up to 175 psig maximum pressure on selected models
  • Tank or Base Mounted, Simplex & Duplex Models
  • Single & Two Stage
  • Air Cooled, Splash Lubricated
  • OSHA Approved Heavy Duty Enclosed Belt Guard
  • Factory filled with AEON lubricant

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Climate Control Series

A Series

The A-series reputation has been built on quality, reliability and accessibility to all components. Products include air-cooled bare compressors, boosters and vacuum pumps. A-Series compressors include heavy duty cast iron construction, counterbalanced crankshaft to ensure smooth operation, deep-finned cylinders and heads, which quickly dissipate the heat of compression. Superior lubrication is accomplished through a gear driven positive displacement oil pump powered by the crankshaft. A-series bares and boosters are ideal for petroleum refineries, oil rigs, plant air and vacuum, ore mines, engine starting and well head servicing.

Specifications and Features

  • 15-40 hp (compressor or booster)
  • Up to 350 psig operating pressure
  • Single & Two Stage
  • Pressure Lubricated
  • Heavy-duty cast iron construction
  • Factory filled with AEON lubricant

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A Series Brochure

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